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In order to reach a large amount of audience, we start to turn your 360° videos/photos into immersive banners. Then, Mediamerse distributes these 360° branded Ads in +750 blogs & websites.

According to the client’s marketing strategy, this channel has a high probability to successfully target the right audience.
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Social Media

Nowadays, Social Media is one of the most important channel to reach a certain audience. Facebook allows to run 360° Branded content, but the approach is different.

In Facebook, for example, it is not possible to add a clickable banner.

For that reason, Mediamerse uses "Vanity Urls" embeded in the description in order to measure all the traffic driven by the assets.

360° Landing Pages

If you have some 360° assets and you don't use them in your website, you are losing opportunities to surprise your users.

If you want to take the chance to offer a novelty way to show your business and don't have the technology to do it, Mediammerse can help.

With a very easy integration, your website, blog or landing page can serve almost any 360° assets to your users.
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Content Production

Another good idea to drive users to your online presence is promoting "branded content" or "branded posts". In simple, it is the production of blog articles to be published in a network of websites.

What is the difference from traditional posts? Branded Posts have embedded 360° content, using the same videos and photos, to engage users smoothly.

Instead of traditional pictures or videos, use your immersive assets to set a clear difference
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Email Ads

Nobody can deny the importance of the email for advertising purposes.

Mediamerse can create "360° simulations" to be added in your emails signature to show immersive content.

This is another novelty way to seduce users and get more traffic for your online presence.

About Us

Mediamerse amplifies the scope and effectiveness of immersive marketing campaigns. Using a cross-channel digital strategy, Mediamerse generates more leads and brand awareness using 360° content and VR ads. Are you ready to surprise and engage your audience with Immersive Advertising?

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