Immersive Advertising

Mediamerse amplifies the scope and effectiveness of the immersive marketing using 360° videos / photos or VR assets

Get more brand awareness impacting your clients with immersive experiences

Give your clients the opportunity to explote the capabilities of the 360° ads. Why? because this format give to the consumers the possibility to experience products or services before they purchase them. Actually, before they set a foot on their businesses. 


Your 360º ads will be showed on desktop, mobile devices and headsets

Brand Safety

We orquestrate a closed network of websites, monitoring them periodically


Access to your metrics 24/7 through Google tools

360° video banners

Using 360° videos with 'branded content', Mediamerse show it in hundred of premium websites and blogs. Each video has a clickable and trackable banner, allowing users to reach your website. 

  • 360° videos ads generates almost 3 times more clicks than traditional videos
  • 360° video users likely to watch the entire content 30% more than traditional videos
  • Users can put the attention in many events, giving the advertisers an opportunity to create a more delight content


360° social engagement

Using exactly the same logic as before, in this case we push users to reach your social media presence. It's also possible to combine it with 360° advertising. 

  • Get more leads and followers to your social media networks
  • Increase the level of engagement connecting immersive content with tradicional content
  • Amplify the scope of your brand awareness adding more digital channels


360° landing pages

Using the same immersive content, Mediamerse publishes it on client's website. It's possible to use as many videos as the client needs.

  • Users can enjoy virtually all the facilities, actually, before they set a foot in there
  • Suitable for Travel, Real Estate, Automotive and other industries 
Chile in 360
Mediamerse amplifies the scope and effectiveness of the immersive marketing. Through a network of premium websites and blogs, Mediamerse distributes branded content using 360-degree videos and VR ads. Are you ready to surprise and engage your audience with Immersive Advertising?
Eduardo Reyes, Mediamerse founder

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